“I Closed $19,000 in 2 Weeks!”
Within 2 weeks of creating her SECOND business while coaching with Life on Fire, Alycia closed $19,000 in new sales!
“Last Month I Hit $10,000!”
After joining Life on Fire Coaching, Andrew has been ON FIRE and recently had his first $10,000 month and he’s on track to 6-figures!
Made Her Investment Back In 4 Days!
With 1 strategy from her coach, Christine made her coaching investment back at one 4-Day Event of ours called Prosperity!
This community is amazing!
I knew I was home when I found this community. Nowhere else do you find people who hold you to the level they believe you are capable of and take a stand to you reaching it.
Saved Her Marriage In 3 Months
“This community has touched us and believed in us, and given us new hope, and new dream, and new vision.”
“I Got 3 Clients in 1 Day!”
Immediately upon stepping into being a Life on Coach Ed picked up 3 new clients in 1 day!
“$9,500 in My First 5 Weeks!”
Within 5 weeks of Joie’s strategy session she made $9,500 with just 2 clients!
“$14,000 in March”
Tina just announced to our private client Facebook group, “March was the biggest month yet $14,000 in sales!”
 “My First $6,000 Month!”
With the help of her coach, Ellen just made her first $6,000 in the month of March doing what she’s passionate about!
Our clients’ results shared above are not guaranteed and not typical. Just like anything else of significance in life, these types of results require hard work and taking action. These clients were not compensated for their testimonials and their results were not independently verified. We trust our clients and we believe they are sharing accurate results with us.